#ActAgainstAntisemitism Social Media Toolkit

Speak out against the surge of antisemitism across the United States and abroad.

Sample Social Media Posts:


  • Right now we are seeing a surge in antisemitism across the US -- and I’m demanding action from Congress.  #ActAgainstAntisemitism Actagainstantisemitism.org

  • Actagainstantisemitism.org #ActAgainstAntisemitism We said “Never Again,” and now it’s time to put those words into action by fighting antisemitism in all its forms. #Antisemitism

  • We will not remain silent as #antisemitic harassment and assaults are on the rise. Make your voice heard — #ActAgainstAntisemitism and demand that Congress takes action to protect all of us from hate: Actagainstantisemitism.org 

  • Urge your Members of Congress to take action to address the threat of #antisemitism. Here’s how: Actagainstantisemitism.org